Thursday, February 03, 2011

Esoterica Continues to Improve 

Slowly but surely we are recovering here in Sterling. The store is more and more under control, and we are getting small improvements made and putting our stamp on things. All of the business signs are now up - and the Classroom is ready to go into Full Employment Mode. We have Mindfulness Meditation on Tuesdays, Belly Dancing for Fitness on Wednesdays, Pagan Path Meetings on Thursdays... A Lifestyle Coaching class begins this coming Sunday to help you realize your dreams and create a daily strategy for organizing yourself and creating positive change in your life. There will be Past Life Regression classes coming up, and Group Hypnosis classes, plus a Handwriting Analysis Class (and more.) We will also start hosting a Writer's group this month. So much excitement, so much potential for growth and new directions! Check out our website for all the details, an online Calendar and contact/payment information for many of our activities and events.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

esoterica: Esoterica REOPENS in Sterling, VA!!!! 

esoterica: Esoterica REOPENS in Sterling, VA!!!!

Esoterica REOPENS in Sterling, VA!!!! 

Esoterica is REOPENING at 50 B Pidgeon Hill Drive in Sterling's Countryside Shopping Center Thursday, September 23rd!

Welcome to the online home of Esoterica, a New Age Superstore located in the Countryside Shopping Center in Sterling, VA. Esoterica offers thousands of square feet of crystals, herbs, oils, incense, candles, books, statuary, fountains, feng shui, jewelry, clothing, and much more. If it's spiritual, mystical, magickal or fantastical, we stock it. Tools, books and knowledgable assistance in Wicca, Reiki, Zen, Shamanism, Spirit Guides, Divination and assorted other topics are also available. Psychic readings from a variety of talented seers are available every weekend and some weekdays.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pidgeon Hill Dr Lease - No Go 

Very sad news guys - apparently in the process of trying to iron out the last bits of the lease - their lawyer advised us we would NOT be able to have music (to include drumming) or burn candles or incense. This on top of the other restrictions just kaboshed the entire deal - so we are back to Square 2. I am so sorry - as I was REALLY looking forward to moving in next week - but unless an amazing miracle comes through - we can't accept this lease without losing a major part of our identity. The Music and Burning restrictions are directly related to this particular holding company, so there is a good chance we will be able to find another property that won't have those same restrictions - so don't give up yet, our broker is on the job and he is a serious miracle worker ;-> So if everyone can send him lots of positive energy and prayer and anything else to help him find us a new home that will be a very VERY good thing. I am going to post this to our facebook space too to get the rest of the community up to date. Wah!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Kiss and Cassandra Syndrome - the Ultimate Combo! 

MidSummer Festival Music 

Incredible Live Music at the Shenandoah Midsummer Festival!

The Shenandoah Midsummer Festival is proud to offer concerts every night of the festival featuring performances by regional and national acts! We pride ourselves on bringing you a wide array of different styles of Pagan music. Whatever you like to listen to, we're sure one (or more!) of our featured acts will light your fire.

Friday Night Concert

7 pm Lauren Kendall
Smooth and velvety like the finest chocolate dripping across your tongue and down your throat... Lauren Kendall's rich style of combining luscious vocals with her trademark cello will haunt you, as she and percussionist Blake Methena rock you, lull you, make you cry and make you cheer. With two albums to her credit (when, 2002, and Red, 2004), she is slowly working on crafting new songs for a third album. Lauren is honored to be back playing the Shenandoah Midsummer Festival after a short hiatus for life and mommyhood. Visit Lauren Kendall online by clicking here.

8 pm HannaH*s Field
HannaH*s Field brings love, light, and Spirit to the people with their gypsy reggae music. Their uplifting acoustic roots and African Earth beats blend together, growing a magical experience for all. “The little girl that sings big. With a blues man's warmth, a bad girl's passion, & a Buddha's enlightenment.” They've shared the stage with such great acts as the Average White Band, the Brothers Johnson, Gov't Mule (members of the Allman Brothers Band), Derek Trucks, the Samples, and Sound Tribe Sector Nine. Visit HannaH's Field online by clicking here.

9 pm Imakhu
Imakhu, the Renegade Wise Woman, is a career visual/performing/literary artist who openly lives her life as a Nubian witch out of the Broom Closet. Her uplifting Nu African pagan music blends eclectic and traditional folk, Goth, and soulful soft rock. Her vocals, storytelling, drumming, and folk guitar playing reflect her African and Native American roots. Imakhu is also known to the world for her metaphysical podcast, NUBIA GODDESS RISING (also found on iTunes), and as author of COWRIE BLESSINGS BOOK: NU AFRAKAN WORDS OF WISDOM. She is Queen Mother and Elder High Priestess of a Kemetic/Metaphysical shrine, Shona water priestess, a keeper of the sacred Wise Woman (Rehu-t) traditions. Imakhu teaches the ancient metaphysical mysteries of bellydance. Imakhu uses her art and spirituality to build universal bridges of peace. Visit Imhaku online by clicking here.

Saturday Night Concert

7 pm Telling Point
The unique fusion of influences from jazz and middle eastern to classic rock and new metal have caused Telling Point to classify their style as "Tribal Rock". The commanding drums will keep you moving as the sensual vocals embrace you. The Telling Point acoustic show provides listeners an intimate connection with the band. Each song is a story: personal, inviting. Whether it’s the djembe groove or the poetic lyrics, you’ll want to take this music in and let it touch you. Visit Telling Point online by clicking here.

8 pm The Dreamscapes Project
The Dreamscapes Project is one of the most innovative bands to come out of the East Coast in the last decade. Completely acoustic and interwoven with shining cello, TDP is one band you definitely don't want to miss. Visit them online by clicking here.

9 pm Cassandra Syndrome
Female-fronted hard driving rock. Striking the perfect balance between playful and sinister, Cassandra Syndrome is an intimate theater of darkness and seduction. Visit Cassandra Syndrome online by clicking here.

A drum circle around the central bonfire follows the final act each night.

For more information about the Shenandoah Midsummer Festival, visit us online.

To see photos from last year’s performances, click here.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Esoterica's Move 

A thousand thank yous to all the folks who came and helped us out today! BUT! We still have a lot more to do, including packing, moving furniture/boxes to the storage unit, and then tidying up the remains of the store (nothing extensive - just trying to make sure we don't leave mountains of trash lying here and there.) Spreading the word here, there and everywhere - so if you see cross postings you'll know why ;->

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